Get Involved

Become our social media advocate:

If you are someone who has got a strong social media presence (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn) then use that power to let others know about our work. Share our posts, updates and other activities on your social network, inviting others to join the movement. Let’s spread positivity among Pakistanis and let the world also know that so much good is happening in our country.

Teach our children:

If you are motivated and passionate about educating the underprivileged, then we have just the right thing for you. We are spread across 9 districts of Sindh, including Karachi and our kids just love it when volunteers help them increase their English Speaking skills or Mathematics or just help them in character building. If you have time to spare, then please let us know at and we will handle everything else. Pick and drop will be provided to all volunteers willing to teach our children.

Visit our Schools

Interested in knowing more about our schools? Come and pay us a visit. Just email us at and we will get in touch with you. We enjoy nothing more than people visiting our schools and getting to know our education model.