Our History

IRC is a nongovernmental organization (NGO). It was established in the year 2000 with the aim of providing sustainable and replaceable models for integrated social and economic development in Sindh, Pakistan. It is now a key player in this field. Since then it has grown from being a one-person volunteer set up to an over 1000 people strong organization.

We have 11 Board of Directors that are all volunteers, and over 900 staff members in 8 offices and more than 10 great development partner agencies. Our initial focus was on building capacity of local community organizations, and on education for girls.

However as we became embedded in the communities we served, our involvement became more holistic and over the years we have developed a comprehensive program around rural development. In addition to education we have programs for income generation, empowerment of the poor and marginalized, and disaster relief. We believe in a democratic approach to problem solving and are advocates for the communities we serve.

Vision of IRC:

Indus Resource Centre (IRC) envisages a democratic Pakistani society where all are equal, live with responsible freedom and use their skills to optimal potential, contributing to economic, intellectual, social and moral development of society.

Mission of IRC:

IRC’s mission is to “mainstream the marginalized” through various approaches to Human and Institutional Development (HID).

Values of IRC:

– Equality of human beings
– Opportunity for all
– Human potential
– Dignity of labour
– Judicious use of resources.