Technical Vocational Skills Development

The situation in rural Sindh, especially after the Pakistan Floods 2010, demands the diversification of skills particularly those that are related to off-farm situation and have a demand in nearby small and big cities as well. Under this component the primary focus will be on off farm livelihoods, such as crafts development, vocational skills that can be locally marketed such as repair of simple machinery, masonry, sewing, plumbing, building simple community infrastructure such as culverts, water channels, building repairs. The second component focuses on promotion of technical and vocational training for youth living in urban slums of secondary cities or rural areas. One major three-year project under this component is was implemented with the support of Oxfam Novib in ten rural union councils and urban slums of Khairpur targeting 1170 youth. Similarly, IRC was able to provide support to 80 youth from District Ghotki in four certified technical skills trade i.e. Welding, pipe-fitting, fabrication and carpentry.

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