Monsoon rains have caused
heavy flooding.
Displaced families are living in camps and roadside without proper arrangements.
IRC with its owned humble resources have responded in the districts where it has been managing schools.
Educating Girls, Empowering
The lack of education for girls directly affects their future earnings.
Women only make up about 39 percent of the labor force in Pakistan.
IRC Khazana provides women a place
where they can work.
To provide women a place where they can work together and where the quality of products may be managed,
IRC runs a Craft Centre in Khairpur.
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Education and Literacy

IRC recognizes the need of relevant, up-to-date education and the importance of imparting employable skills as the demands of the global economy. Apart from grass root activities in the education sector, IRC passionately advocates, with influential and government officials, to improve the system of education and to reduce the gender gap. In addition, it actively contributes to increasing the literacy rate through its non-formal education and adult literacy programs.

Donate a Goat Campaign

IRC started the Donate-a-Goat initiative after the floods of 2010. We launch a formal campaign every year to seek donations from the philanthropists for the purpose of donating goats to the eligible rural women beneficiaries in Sindh. The project team adopts a formal process of assessment and selection of the beneficiaries, mainly women heads of households in villages. Then beneficiaries’ representative committee gets involved in the selection of animals for purchasing. A qualified veterinary doctor conducts the vaccination of goats before handing them over to the beneficiary women.

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IRC’s mission is to “mainstream the marginalized” through various approaches to Human and Institutional Development (HID).

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Journey of IRC

IRC is a nongovernmental organization (NGO). It was established in the year 2000 with the aim of providing sustainable and replaceable models for integrated social and economic development in Sindh, Pakistan. It is now a key player in this field. Since then it has grown from being a one-person volunteer set up to an over 1000 people strong organization.

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