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3rd – 6th December 2020 at Arts Council, Karachi.
***Entry for Registered Guests Only***
#acpkhi #artscouncil #UrduConference13th Aalmi Urdu Conference
"Hamari Taleem kay So Baras"
3rd – 6th December 2020 at Arts Council

***Entry for Registered Guests Only***

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World Children Day 💙.
This year, the COVID-19 pandemic has shaken the whole world. But this day reminds us to make every effort to protect our children and support contnuity of their learning with safety measures. Below pictures are taken at an NFE center being run by IRC in Khairpur, during an art work competition of student learners to mark the celebration of #worldchildrensday2020
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Keeping in view the importance of Life Skills based Education (LSBE), Sindh has taken the initiatives regarding implementation of LSBE. Recently more than 7000 teachers and Master trainers have been trained on it in all over province. Today, IRC and STEDA today jointly organized a follow up event on LSBE program in Sindh to discuss challenges and the way forward. Mr. Ahmed Bux Narejo sb, Secretary School Education Department was chief guest of the event. Students belonging to IRC’s Sojhro School Khanote (District Jamshoro) presented a tableau on importance of the subject. On this occasion, well-known writer Madam Noor ul Huda Shah, officials from DCAR, PITE, TTIs, STBB and RSU also attended the event along with CSO partners. See MoreSee Less

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Education and Literacy

IRC recognizes the need of relevant, up-to-date education and the importance of imparting employable skills as the demands of the global economy. Apart from grass root activities in the education sector, IRC passionately advocates, with influential and government officials, to improve the system of education and to reduce the gender gap. In addition, it actively contributes to increasing the literacy rate through its non-formal education and adult literacy programs.

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Governance & Advocacy

IRC has been working with marginalized communities since 2000 and firmly believes that for development programs to have long-lasting, sustainable impact, poverty stricken groups need to be aware of their potential and rights, and should have the necessary knowledge and skills to negotiate their lawful demands in a power structure that usually favors the rich. Governance & Advocacy elements such as community mobilization, awareness raising, capacity building and linkage of civilians with relevant government departments and local community groups are embedded in the bedrock of all IRC interventions.

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Sustainable Livelihoods

This is an overarching programme which covers rural technologies, environment, water and sanitation, promotion of arts and crafts, capacity building of artisans, and small community infrastructure initiatives. It also covers provision and development of such skills and assets for disaster affected communities. Sindh is an agricultural society and as such, heavily dependent on natural resources. Environmental degradation, use of unsustainable farming practices and inadequate benefits to the farmer have affected livelihoods drastically.

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Faiza – A graduate of IRC Sojhro School Razal Memon

IRC has been like a pillar of hope and support throughout my academic journey. Now, I am pursuing a degree in Engineering from Quest University”

Rahila – A bright student of IRC Sojhro School Din Mohammad Rind

“I used to think that my life would be like the rest of the girls in my village. But, after spending six years in IRC Sojhro School, my life is quite different from the girls in my village. I feel I have more confidence to make my own decisions and express my opinions to others.”

Dilshad – A creative mind in the remote IRC Sojhro School of Thana Bulla Khan

“In my school, I have water to drink and friends to play with. I enjoy drawing class the most as I get to color all sorts of things. I wish our school timings were a bit longer.”

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