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“Mobilizing Girls to work with Schools to create girl-friendly Learning Environment?

Indus Resource Centre with support of Malala Fund has planned to initiate a one-year project “Mobilizing Girls to work with Schools to create girl-friendly Learning Environment” with 30 schools in district Jamshoro, Sindh. As, the COVID-19 pandemic has increased the chances of girls being more vulnerable to recover and attain their education. Due to lockdowns and school closures many girls have been forced to the unpaid domestic labor and assist their parents. Large families keep their small girls of family in full day domestic work. In such situations, schools were the only time when girls had some sort of different environment. Many families in rural areas have wedded their daughters in early age, which otherwise would have been delayed in normal situation. Girls especially those passed out primary grades are vulnerable to continue their education. Their chances of drop outs are very high. The community behaviors and support systems are weak in order to encourage girls to go to the schools and get education. The project seeks to address the issues related to the: 1) Continuity of learning of girl children, which has been affected the COVID-19 pandemic; and 2) Retention and enrollment of girls through addressing the gender disparities in education system.
Project Goal
To promote girls education in underprivileged areas through sustaining continuity of learning and safe learning environment.
Project Objectives
  1. Support the continuity of learning of girls affected by the COVID-19 impact by strengthening support systems at school and community level.
  2. Enhance the enrollment and retention of girls have increased and sustained in the schools through campaigning on back to schools.

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