(15th July 2017 – 15th February 2018)

Straightening District Coordination Committees!

In May 2016, an idea was presented to the Commissioner Karachi by Indus Resource Centre (IRC) and Development Alternatives Incorporated (DAI) to constitute district based committees in all six districts of Karachi with the objective to bridge the gap between civil society and the state and help nurture a collaborative spirit between the two stakeholders.

Karachi Youth Initiative (KYI) formed District Coordination Committees (DCCs) and through these, key stakeholders from the Government, private sector, and community-based organizations (CBOs) were invited to take part in meetings to discuss the current issues facing their districts and communities. As part of these committees, CBOs working in the districts proposed small-scale ideas to be implemented in partnership with the Government to create community awareness and interest in the DCCs, and increase engagement among various stakeholders in their communities, including with their government representatives.

These committees particularly focused on promoting peace and harmony among the residents of the districts, specifically in vulnerable areas and communities.


Key Outcomes:

  • A strong and healthy working relationship created between the DC office and CBOs.
  • Out of 34 interventions proposed by CBOs, 10 were finalized and implemented in all six districts of Karachi.
  • CSOs are working with DC office without the support of grant. This was the main focus of IRC team to educate CSOs about building strong relationship with government even when after the grant is consumed.
  • DC office helped IRC a lot during collection of data for developing District Profile.

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